The Christensen Urns

Commemorating Our Beloved

The first Christensen wooden urn was made as a memorial to John Christensen by his son, Tim. John passed away in 2009. Tim, a wood craftsman and carpenter by trade, wanted to honor his father so he created an original design wooden urn to hold his father's remains.

Since then, Tim has provided old world craftsmanship with contemporary design to other families wanting to offer a symbol of respect to their dearly departed brethren - with a unique wooden urn, of quality and beauty designed to stand the test of time.

The Finest Craftsmanship

Each Christensen urn is meticulously hand crafted using only the finest select hardwoods. The dovetailing, hand sanding, and polishing make each two toned urn uniquely different from other available products in the marketplace.

DIMENSIONS: The finished wooden urn weighs a sturdy five pounds and spans 10" in length, is 8.25” wide and 7” in height. The dimensions inside each encasement measures 243 cubic inches, large enough to accommodate standard crematorium plastic containers.

PRICE RANGE: $250 - $350

About Tim Christensen

Tim was born and raised in Pittsburg, CA. He learned his way around a shop at the side of his father, a high school shop teacher.

The Navy Seabees taught him the basics of construction while serving overseas during the Vietnam era. After his return home, he spent the next twenty years honing his craft and becoming proficient in the construction trades.

Tim is happiest and most at home when at work in his shop.

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